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Scottish Borders Brewery

A while back, when farming was in the doldrums, John came up with the idea of opening an on-farm brewery. It seemed sensible, mainly because we were already growing malting barley and had plenty of spare water ... we are based in Scotland after all!

Scottish Borders Beer & Ale

It was a big project, though, and took nearly 5 years of bureaucratic wrangling to set-up, but the brewery finally opened in February 2011. Called the Scottish Borders Brewery to stress the local provenance of the product, the three beers we currently brew are Foxy Blonde, Game Bird and Dark Horse. We aim to keep food miles to a minimum, and only deliver in re-useable cask to pubs and bars within a75 mile radius.

We have now brewed over 100,000 pints and the beers are available in approximately 140 pubs - in places ranging from our local villages of Ancrum and Denholm to Edinburgh, Newcastle and beyond.

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